Below are organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry resources we use daily to further our research.

ACS Organic Chemistry Data & Info

One-stop website that has everything from reaction information to protocols to analytical data


Search engine for chemicals, reactions, literature, methods, just to name a few


Chemical database to find information by name or structure, and provides references, properties, and other data

Chemistry By Design

Educational site to get familiar with many common building blocks used in synthetic chemistry and drug construction


Database for synthesis sequences with methods outlined in full to achieve a target molecule


Put in any keyword and Read will show all recently published papers with that keyword; useful to see recent developments around a topic

Not Voodoo X.4

Provides basic information as well as tips and tricks for common laboratory procedures

Harvard Chem 115 Handouts

Handouts from Harvard Chemistry 115 outlining topics taught in the introductory organic chemistry course; courtesy various authors

RCSB Protein Data Bank

Archive providing 3D structures of characterized proteins, nucleic acids, and complex assemblies to aid in drug target analysis

Total Synthesis

YouTube channel providing total synthesis walkthroughs of various relevant compounds